Penzion Hodějov na Šumavě

Medieval water mill (4 km)

The oldest and uniquely preserved water mill in Bohemia can be found in the village Hoslovice not far from Strakonice (17 km) lies the village Hoslovice. In the bottom of the brook there are three buildings, whose visit if taken us to the past. Complex unique hoslovického form the original mill grinding with living, stables and barn with a shed, all covered with thatch, timber and masonry of mixed masonry. It also has a pond with a drive, an orchard and meadow. The medieval origins of the village Hoslovice (according to written records already existed in 1352) mill has stood here at this time. The first documented report of the Internal Revenue gneiss of the 1654th In it it is stated that there was "a mill for one round and 16 strikes field" and osedlým was Thomas Miller. The trees used in the construction of the ceiling of the barn, was felled in the years 1568-1569. It is therefore no doubt that the mill used to stand in this place for more than four centuries ago. The mention of a mill for one round still appears later in the Teresian cadastre of 1748 and the census in 1905. The mill was still in operation. The owners, brothers Harant, even late 70s planted new shaft grinding mill wheel and ended about twenty years ago. Exceptional was the way of life of the last owners, who are from the fifties isolated from society. They rejected all the technological progress, because last surviving a technical adjustment is gin behind the barn. There preserve a traditional rural way of life - there is no electricity, lack of sanitary facilities, the living room is a small part of the building. Thanks to the mill, including additional buildings and land in authentic condition as they knew him Hoslovice residents and neighborhood.

Kašperk Castle (24 km)

Built by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV. in 1356 at the northeastern tip of the hill Ždánova.

Rabí (23 km)

It is the largest Czech castle ruin, which boasts one of the most advanced defense systems of his time in Europe. It is the largest castle ruin in Bohemia, situated on a limestone hill above the village.

Helfenburk (32 km)

the ruin of about 5.5 km northwest. from Bavorova district Strakonice. Located in the village Krajníčko, Malošín on a rocky hill at an altitude of 683 m.In 1355 they built the Rosenbergs to protect the nearby town Bavorov. In 1977 the southern guard tower as an observation tower - a high cylindrical tower offers a beautiful view of the surroundings (at Písecké mountains with big Mehelník, Temelin NPP, Vodňany, Novohradské mountains, Blanský forest with a peak Kleť and the Šumava mountains Chlum, Libin, Bobík , Boubín and background sheets, in the north are Brdy, 50 km away). In the spring and summer months the building is used for various cultural events.

The lookout Tower - Hoslovice (4 km)

In 2005, near the village built telecommunication tower with an observation platform. It is located at an altitude of 668 meters, roughly the height of 30 meters and provides a panoramic view of the Šumava peaks, Horažďovice, Strakonice. See also, for example, the peak of Boubín and the castle Kašperk. Distance lookout from the car park is about 600 meters. The lookout tower is freely accessible.

Lipno - Stezka korunami stromů (99 km)

Experience from a different perspective. The first trail treetops in the Czech Republic offers visitors a unique combination of experiences. The trail is sensitively integrated into the landscape around Lake Lipno is unique by adding Active Park lake. On the trail 675 meters long, can be found in addition to the unique prospect of 40-meter towers and a lot of the adventure.


  • Restaurant: Volyně 12 km, Čestice 7 km
  • Foodstuffs: Hoslovice 4km, Němčice 3 km, Čestice 7km
  • Post: Čestice 7 km, Volyně 12 km
  • Train: Volyně 12 km
  • Bus: 100 m
  • Forest: 500 m
  • View Point: Mountain Kvilda 35 km
  • Castle: Strakonice 14 km, Vimperk 29 km
  • Church: Volyně 12 km, Kraselov 4km
  • Museum: Volyně 12km, Strakonice 14 km
  • Pond (suitable for swimming) 1 km
  • Swimming pool: Volyně 12 km
  • Indoor swimming pool: Strakonice 14 km
  • Tennis: Čestice 7 km
  • Horseback riding (on request) 150 m
  • Natural trait: Sumava National Park 30 km
  • Ski lift: Skiareal Churanov 28 km
  • Cross-country trails: 28 km Churanov
  • Ski lift: Javornik 17km, (Nezdice 17 km)
  • Ski School: Churanov 28 km
  • Ski lift Zadov 26 km
  • Ski rental: Churanov 28 km